PR55-61E If you have any questions about setting the alarm

I’m using the PR55-61E sensor
I’m using Node Red
If the setting value of the motor goes up above the temperature
I want to give you an alarm warning signal, so I hope you find a way to solve it. Even if you refer to the website, the program setting value did not appear anywhere, so please refer to the picture to solve the problem.




I’m attaching a flow that uses node-red and a third party module to play audio based on the temperature rating of the type 80. You can use this as a baseline for your applicaiton.

audio_alarm_example.json (3.6 KB)

Thank you.

The problem was solved thanks to the file you sent me
I have one more question, can you help me? Can I set the alarm to go off if the signal doesn’t work for 6 minutes?

And I have another question.

Node red is using text dashboard When the alarm goes off, the text displays colors and text characters
I want to make the letters disappear automatically when I press the reset button on the sensor after the letters come out.
How to set up a no-communication alarm when the battery is running out
I want to know.

The part I checked Is there a way to combine the settings of the vibration sensor into one??