PR55-4A AC Current Monitor Calibration

I am using a PR55-4A Current Monitor to gather AC current load information. The value being returned by the current monitor is approximately 6 amps less than what a Fluke meter is registering.

I see there is a calibration field for the sensor. Is there a recommended calibration procedure to help to determine the proper value for this field?

Thank you

Before we look into calibration

  1. can you verify with a 3rd meter as well
  2. sensor only reads current when it wakes up. if the asset you testing with is going on an off it will cause an issue
  3. whats the asset ?
  1. We don’t have a 3rd meter at this point to double check but the meter we used was brand new and we assumed it was calibrated at the factory.

  2. Asset is always on.

  3. Asset is an industrial air compressor.

I setup a laptop next to the air compressor so I can see the data packet from the Current Monitor and also see the Fluke meter to be able to get as simultaneous a reading as possible.

can you test CT with a load like light bulb ?

We are trying to find a trouble light or some that we can use as a test load.

While we are sourcing that, could you share the recommended calibration procedure?

it can be calibrated using node red or labview.
do you have a modem or gateway.

Yes, I am currently using RedNode to get the data from the current sensor. The flow has a wireless gateway node and a wireless device node.

I see that there is a Calibration Option for the current sensor that has a value range from 0-655.35). How can I determine the correct value to use?

new calib value = (true current/ sensor current)* stored calib value
default stored calib is 60.6

Calibration completed. Values were out by a factor of 1.338. Verified with two other clamp-on meters.

is it reading same as meter after calibration ?