PR55-48_PWR Failures

We have deployed (3) of these industrial devices in the field.
They are in their original NCD IP65 enclosures, mounted to a pole with the M12 connector and antenna positioned vertically, and the unused external power port on the side (they are not currently powered externally).

Each device is powering and measuring (1) 2-wire 4-20ma hydrostatic pressure transmitter. We encountered no issues for just over 2 weeks of operation, until the first rainfall. After the rain, device 1 went from reporting an average of 13mA to 2.7mA consistently. Device 2 went from reporting an average of 13mA to 20.7mA consistently.
The third device was not effected.

Upon opening the enclosures (all 4 screws were tightly secured), we noticed a small amount of water inside of each box, gathered on the bottom near the base of the batteries. We were not able to determine which of the 3 pass-throughs may have been the cause for water intrusion. Since the barrel connector port is not in use, could this
be a potential cause?

The pressure transmitter was swapped for each, and both devices still report 2.7mA and 20.7mA respectively. If we disconnect the M12 connector completely, both devices report ~0mA. All (4) batteries in each box are ~1.7v.

We assume the water ingress caused damage and is the cause of our erroneous readings. Is there anything else we can check to deem damage to a PCB?
We need to order 2 replacements asap, but we also want to understand how water was able to get inside the enclosures.
Would this be covered under warranty?

Yes, you can send it for repair.
We will see what will it take to fix it.

Sending them for repair is possible, but I need (2) functional replacements as quickly as possible. What are my options?

I will recommend ordering two new pc in order notes mention this " no power supply connector " even if you order with external power supply