PR55-34 RS485 device not forwarding received messages

I’m using PR55-34 in AutoEncoder mode. Responses from the RS485 device are not being sent. Is this a problem with my device or am I doing something wrong?

Here’s what I’ve done…

  1. I downloaded and inspected your sample flow from github
  2. Put together my own flow (there is other stuff going on as well, but here is the relevant bit)

  3. I push the button attached to the 485 trigger node
  4. The function runs to send the Read Command to the PR55-34 device and I can see the debug message (from debug 8) in the debug panel with my intended payload data.
  5. I have an Oscilloscope connected to the terminal block on PR55-34. Here I can see the outgoing read message and the incoming reply. I zoomed in to examine the content and can confirm that the outgoing message is what I intended to send and the response is what I expected from the connected device.
  6. No response messages arrive (neither from Debug 1 nor Debug 9) in the debug panel.

can you try sending the message in brodcast mode ?

I tried to do this, but I’m not sure if I did it correctly, because there is still no response.

Are these steps correct?

  1. Modified my “Read RS485 Register” node in Node-Red by replacing the with the broadcast set address command (eddited to array notation) from This Page
  2. Power cycled the PR55-34 device
  3. Waited for the “Fly” mode message from PR55-34
  4. Sent the command by pressing the RS485 Trigger button
  5. Waited for the “Run” mode message from PR55-34
  6. Restored my “Read RS485 Register” node to the original RS485 read command
  7. Sent the Read command and observed the response on the scope, but again no response in debug.

i am assuming the modbus command is already tested and verified.

we can get on a call and take a look.

Yes. Like before, I captured the outgoing command and incoming response on the O-scope.
Outgoing command is correct and the response matches the expected result and Checksum is valid.

A call sounds good. Please send me the details.