PR55-17B not acquiring an IP address

I received a PR55-17B, and upon first boot up it connected to my network and acquired an IP address. In reviewing the documentation, I made one adjustment using the online configuration tool, to make the local port of 2101 available, and it successfully made the change and asked to reboot. Upon reboot, it has never acquired an IP address again. I have tried reseting, and using the factory reset button on the modem. Is there any other way to connect to it, if it doesn’t acquire an IP address? I know you highly suggest using alpha station, however I do not have a windows machine available.


When you say online configuration tool are you referring to the web interface of the module access by using its IP address in a web browser?

The TCP port should have been 2101 by default.
Can you confirm which field you set to 2101?

Generally I would recommend the NCD Config Tool to check what is configured, but it is also windows only:

Yes, the web browser. I wasn’t initially able to get a data feed on port 2101, or so I thought, and in the web browser interface there was no tcp local port listed, so I added 2101. I can’t access it now because it won’t acquire an ip address, so I can’t verify exactly what field I changed. But it was in the area of where you can adjust tcp to udp, and the field was labeled local port.

Is there anyway to access the device without ip access? Or any way to factory reset it?

There is not a way to factory reset the module through hardware. You’ll need to try and use the NCD Config tool linked earlier from a windows computer or send it in for an RMA to recover: NCD Login -

OK, well thank you for the quick reply. Not sure how big your user base of macOS users is, but it seems like a missed opportunity/roadblock for there to be no other way to access the device. Perhaps the documentation should make that clearer?

Using a virtual installation of Windows I was able to use the NCD config tool to factory reset the device. Alpha Station also works in the virtual environment (Parallels) as well, in case that is helpful for anyone.