PR55-17B modem communication with Python

hello community I am from Costa Rica and I am a student doing an internship for a small technology company and I would like your advice on how I can communicate the PR55-17B modem with python?


We have some Python sample code here you can take a look at:

Unfortunately this sample code works with USB or Serial interface modems however so it would need to be modified in order to support communication with the Ethernet modem over a TCP socket.

Alternatively we have a very nice Node-Red library for these devices which does support the Ethernet modem. Would you be interested in that? If so we have a setup guide for it here:

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thanks for the information, can you recommend me a python library to be able to communicate with the Ethernet modem through a TCP connector.

We do not have an example for that at this time. They Python library I provided will need to be modified to communicate data via TCP sockets rather than Serial Port connections.

TravisE_NCD_Technica I really want to thank you for the Support and time you invested in answering my questions. You have no idea how helpful those answer were to my internership development. I just want to say thank you.

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