PR54-11 Multiplexer not communicating with SHT25

I am trying to use a PR54-11 to talk with a SHT25 plugged into port 8 (I have tried other ports as well). If using Alpha I do the I2C Quick Scanner nothing shows up. I have the cable plugged into the IN port of the SHT25, so should not be an issue there. Why is in not showing up. Also, sometimes the quick scanner shows FF and other times it is blank.

Using another program I am able to talk to the PR54-11 and it responds with BC 5E and sometimes BC5D which is the error mode.

I have a couple SHT25 units and have tried them all at different times, so I don’t think it is the SHT25 module. Any ideas? The identifier on the board is 1.3 2021 if that helps or if an update is needed.