PR52-45 Set Point

I can only get the potentiometer to max at 125.5 ohms. I am putting the meter leads on the set points but unable to achieve anything higher than 125.5 ohms. Would like to set a current limit of 1A.


The CT has a minimum current detection limit of 1.5 amps, you cannot set it down to 1 amp.

To correct for this wrap your conductor through the CT 3 times. This will make the reading from your 1 amp load read as 3 amps which the CT can detect.

Documentation has the following setting for the set points.

Resistance Between SET Points Trigger Current
3.12K or above 1A
1.4K or above 2A
700Ohm or above 3A

I’m assuming that is wrong since I can only get the potentiometer up to 125.5 ohms. What are the correct settings for the limits?

How are you measuring it? remove CT while measuring it
the other way to set it is
set the load current ( current passing through the CT to 1Amp) and state rotating the POT, once it exceeds the set limit, you will get a message.