PR52-33N vs PR49-24E (Vibration & Temp Sensors) and temperature sensor location

What are the differences between the PR49-24E “Long Range Wireless Vibration And Temperature Sensor” and the PR52-33N " Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration & Temperature Sensor’ ?

The product details do not quite make this clear.

Will both sensors connect to the MQTT Micro Gateway? (PR55-21_MQTT)
Where is the temperature sensor, is it in the main housing or is it within the end of the probe?


The main difference is the PR52-33N is a more industrial robust sensor. The vibration and temperature sensor are inside the external probe which connects to the main box. The PR52-33N is also IP 65 rated.

The PR49-24E is a lower cost alternative which is not IP 65 rated. It also does not have an external sensor probe, the sensors are inside the main housing.

Both sensors are compatible with the MQTT Micro Gateway.