PR52-33N - No longer talking to Gateway


I had a previously working PR52-33N that was working flawlessly with the Wireless Gateway. Eventually, it stopped sending sensor data. Putting the Gateway into configuration mode no longer show the sensor as connected.

Is there anyway I can debug this sensor without the gateway? Not sure why its not working and I swapped batteries out with no change.



What wireless Gateway are you using?

When you say you are putting the Gateway into configuration mode do you mean so you can access it through the WiFi connection, or do you mean you’re going to the Devices Tab in the WEB UI and clicking the button there to put it into configuration mode to change settings on the sensor?

My apologies for not being clear.

The wireless gateway is a PR55-21 MQTT.

Putting the gateway into configuration mode and look at the device tab. The sensor no longer exists there.


Open the Devices Tab and then press the RST button inside the sensor which will force a transmission from it. If it does not appear in the list after pressing the RST button let us know.

It does not show up in the list after dropping the Gateway into configuration mode and hitting the little red button marked as “R” in the case.

You may want to attempt doing a factory reset to the sensor. To do this press and release the RST button inside the sensor, then immediately press and hold the CFG button for 15 seconds. Wait 5 seconds, then press the RST button on the Sensor again. Let us know if this resolves the problem.

@larsoj20 When reconfiguring, be sure the gateway and the sensor are not too close (< 10 ft) and/or you remove the screw-on antenna extensions.

Do you know how to monitor the gateway w/ a usb serial cable? I have found this to be very helpful in troubleshooting. Sometimes the sensor is indeed sending the gateway its messages, but the gateway is not sending them up to the MQTT server.

Are you just not seeing message updates regarding the sensor on your MQTT server? I assume the gateway light is green, too?

Just some ideas. But the best thing, in my opinion, is to monitor the MQTT gateway w/ a serial usb cable. Feel free to post back if you want some suggestions there (do you have a PC or a Mac?)

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Yes, Gateway has a green light and is connected without issues. The sensor got lazy and just decided to stop sending data. Rebooting the gateway will trigger a message up to MQTT where you can see it coming online so I know the gateway is still talking to MQTT without any problems.

Monitoring the MQTT with a serial USB cable sounds fantastic. Is there a doc you cant point me to? It would at least help me scope down the problem.

I’ll reset the sensor hopefully Monday morning.

Thank you!

If you pull the PCB out of the Gateway enclosure you can access a USB Micro port on it. Connect that to a computer. Then use a Serial monitoring software to listen to the data coming out of the port. Make sure that serial monitoring software is set to 115200. I cannot recommend a monitoring software however without knowing the OS of the computer you are connecting it to.

All that said I find it unlikely any data is coming from the sensor. You could try messaging @Bhaskar directly if a factory reset of the sensor does not work.

Running Fedora Silverblue but have access to a Windows PC as well. Should have enough options between the two.

I recommend just using screen from a Linux / MacOS box. You’ll have to determine the name of the serial port but with a little trial and error you’ll get it. Use 115200 baud.

For example, on my mac, I execute:

screen /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART 115200