PR52-33J Data Units

I can’t find any documentation about what the output units of the PR52-33J Activity Sensor are. Acc_x, y, and z report values of up to +/- 200 or so. The sensor is set to an acceleration range of +/- 2g currently. At rest, the sensor seems to read -15 on one or two of the axes and 0 on the other. Can anyone offer any help?

I will recommend using labview.

Labview would show units on the JSON object?

i am not sure what do you mean here.

Inside Node-Red the PR52-33J reports sensor data inside a JSON object. I am trying to find out what units the acceleration data is reported in (see below). There is no documentation that I can find that says what the numbers represent (0,0,-15 in this case). I didn’t see how Labview would help.

These are in mg. checkout table 3 in the product manual. It explains the device data structure.

OK, I see it now. Thank you.