PR52-33E Vibration to PR55-17B Ethernet Modem

I want to take a PR52-33E Industrial Wireless Vibration And Temperature Sensor and have it communicate with a PR55-17B Industrial IoT Wireless to Ethernet Modem. The modem will use an ethernet cable to a laptop.

I only care about a 1-per-second data rate.

According to Time Series Data - Wireless Vibration Sensor V2 this seems to work. However, I do not have a lot of slack in the schedule, so I need to confirm this will work.

  1. Do I need to use the Alpha Station? I am planning on just using a laptop and ethernet cable.
  2. What is the transmitted data format at the laptop end? (I will write a C program to read the data.)
  3. Is there a way to setup the vibration sensor’s data rate? I am assuming there is a way to use commands with the vibration sensor. I assume the documentation has the command set.
    (I don’t mind a faster data rate. I can look at the data and do a basic average, look at high and low values, etc.)

I found Industrial Temperature and Vibration Sensor Versions - #7 by TravisE_NCD_Technica
It implies I can do what I want to do.
What is the GUI tool he is using?

What other questions should I be asking?

are you looking for the sensor which can sample data at 1 sample per sec or the sensor which can transmit data at 1sample per second over wireless.

A vibration sensor that can transmit data at 1 sample per second over wireless.

The PR52-33E looks like it will do the sampling we need.
The issue is getting the data from the vibration sensor to the “base station”, eg someplace with a laptop to record the data.

If the vibration sensor transmits more than once-per-second, we can live with that, as long as multiple vibration sensors, each sending data, do not saturate the base station. For example, if the vibration sensor sends 10 samples per second, we can do an average.

We are looking for three conditions: quiet (off), a fan on, and the unit is full-on. We expect to see these three vibration levels. The units are rooftop air conditioners (A/C). There will be several A/C units (don’t have an exact count, but assume 10 to 20 A/C units).

The critical part is not the number of samples per second, the critical part is getting the data to a base station laptop inside a building. If we need to, we can put the laptop and base station in a pelican case and run power to it.

Bottom line: will the PR55-17B Ethernet modem work for getting the data from several PR52-33E vibration sensor units?

We are looking for the simplest solution.

Also, we are assuming the vibration data is either text, or easily parsed byte stream. Text is the easiest (obviously). The description of the PR52-33E does not say.

However, in section 5.1 has the packet format. Run Mode. (Section 5.2 also has formats. Not sure if the 5.1 and 5.2 packets are the same - need to look at them in more detail.)

There is a note about using the Zigmo/Wireless router. Is that a viable alternative?

An alternative is the 900HP-S3B Wireless Modem - will that work? According to the description is “yes”. But is the PR52-33E a “900HP-S3B device” - I suspect “no”.

BTW, I also found Vibration sensor V3 - #2 by Bhaskar
Do we really need alpha station or node red?

i don’t think there is ANY sensor which can send data at 1 sec interval.
You might get away with having couple of sensor sending data at 5 sec interval and one gateway. if you increase number of sensor it will choke the RF.

I will recommend this sensor

Here is how it works

  1. it will send data after an interval, lets say you sett hat interval to 1min. so after every one minute it will send its readings.
  2. it will send when the acceleration threshold crosses the pre defined interval. so lets say when the fan is on the acc is 200mg. so as soon as the acc is above 200mg it will immediately send you a message.
    by looking at the acc value you can determine that if the Fan is on or the unit is full on.
    after sending this message it will go back to sleep for next one minute. after a minute it will again wake up take readings and send it and start listening for thresholds again.
    It wont send thousands of packets over the RF. it will analyze them locally and if it finds that the readings are above the threshold it will send.
    By doing this you will GET what you are looking for without
  3. chocking the network
  4. killing the batteries
  5. can have multiple sensor with one modem

Yes, You can have multiple sensor with PR55-17B.
You dont have to use Alpha station.
The data packet is just few bytes which can be decoded in any software with minimal coding.
Let me know if you any questions.