PR35-20 Particle Electron I2C Shield Power Supply

The product description states that the input voltage range for the board is 5V-32V DC.

  • I want to check this means the board can be powered by a supply ranging from 5V-32V?

  • Is this provided by either the screw terminal connector or barrel connector?

  • My confusion is that the drawing shows that these connectors accept +12V input. (Also the drawing has switched the connectors around).

Hi Tegin,

  1. yes, the power supply range is 5-32V
  2. yes, you can use either
  3. sorry i cant seem to find any problem in the drawing.


Thank you,

The legend below the connector block and barrel connector states 12V rather than 5-32V?

Also the legend has been switched for the two connectors: PR35