PR33-8 2CH current loop receiver loop power

The voltage booster on the PR33-8 2 channel current loop receiver doesn’t appear to be working. The 4ch units that I ordered last year work fine. I am only getting 4.96V loop power. Am I missing something?

I checked the second 2ch board fresh out of the packaging and it too only has 5V of loop power. Just to verify if I was going crazy I checked a new 4 channel board and the loop power is 16-17V. Should I RMA these 2 boards?

hi will,
yes, the voltage should be 16V.
@jacob please can you arrange an RMA.


Hi Will,

You can fill out an RMA request at:

To expedite things you can reference a link to this post: PR33-8 2CH current loop receiver loop power and our RMA department will be up to speed when we receive it.