PR33-36 connect with Node-Red

Hello everyone, I was looking for a way to connect the PR33-36 with Node-Red through the IoT Edge Computer, I was reading your documentation, but I didn’t find any information about it.

Do you have any example on how to use PR33-36 with Node-Red through the IoT Edge Computer?




There is a node-red library for the MCP3428 here:

This will give you Node-Red access to interacting with the board.

Hi Travis thanks for the answer, when I try to install through the command line it shows me the following error:

And when I try to search for it in the Nodered library it doesn’t appear.


Strange. It appears to be registered on NPM(Probably not on Node-Red repo).
Does the IoT Edge computer have internet access over the Ethernet interface?

Yes, in fact I have that gateway sending data to ubidots.

I didn’t develop that library. Perhaps there are version requirements for NPM or NodeJS that the IoT Edge Computer does not meet. Just strange it’s saying 404 not found.

The only other thing I can think to recommend is specifying the version specifically:

npm install ncd-red-MCP3428@0.1.0

If that does not work then I would say this is a library compatibility issue that cannot be resolved without a large rewrite to the library.

Hi Travis,

I tried to install the library, but I was not successful.

So, When can we have news regarding the integration of this module with the IoT Edge Computer?



This is a low volume, low margin device. We cannot justify the development time it would take to accomplish this until there is a high volume demand for the device to be connected to the IoT Edge Computer. It would cost more in development time than a pair of these devices which would be a suitable replacement: