PR33-13 and PR37-10

Hi all
I purchased the two products in the title to acquire 0-10V analog signals from illuminance sensors.
I have tried with various libraries but I cannot get the system to work properly;
I have to acquire data at least at 10 Hz with 16 bit resolution; I wired the 4 signals and made a bridge with GND. With sensors “covered” (signal about 0, checked with a tester) only channel 1 remains constant at 18 (number from 0 to 32767), the other channels increase over time. For example, channel 2, always measuring a voltage of 0.002V from 138 goes to 142 in about 20 minutes. The unconnected probes carry a signal of about 0.023V. Can anyone help me the wiring is correct, the sketch is right?
I am attaching photos and sketches.
thank you

RealDash_SondeCC.ino (3.8 KB)

I will recommend this lib

Not mcp3428

sorry this one

Anyway, seems that you have a crosstalk issue.

Did you test the analog signals with a fixed resistor to check the values while measuring?
Did you have an Oscilloscope at hand to have a look at the analog signals?

I tried to use the recommended library and the attached example but it doesn’t work; probably I am missing some other references, the command #include <MCP3428.h> although present in the library remains “black”; then I don’t know where to insert i2c address (in my case 0x6E)
thanks for your time

I have a multimeter signal generator, if I send a flat signal with offset of 1.000V to channel 1, I measure 0.998V

you will need to copy the files arduino lib folder.

the library is installed and the files are in the \ Documents \ Arduino \ libraries directory, but it doesn’t work; the library that works is the one included in arduino due MCP342x, modifying the example obtaining the following results with this configuration: channel 1 not connected, 0.025V measured; channel 2 multimeter at 0V value, measured 0.000V, channel 3 and 4 covered illuminance sensors, measured values 0.006V and 0.002V respectively.
the acd values at 0V change slightly over time except for channel 1 which always remains 18-19 and in any case 1/100 the value of the other sensors, and I only have 3 measurements per second.
how can i improve the situation? tanks

ConvertAndRead.ino (1.7 KB)
MCP342x.h (5.9 KB)

what error are you getting with the lib i shared

it shows no errors, it just doesn’t work
it compiles and transfers without errors, then on the serial it does not display anything

press reset on arduino after uploading .
it should print the initial print statements. they are not related to i2c communication

Try setting board in Arduino IDE to Adafruit ESP32 Feather. We have noticed some issues with that recently.

@TravisE_NCD_Technica he is using arduino due.

Oops. Sorry. My fault. Should have scrolled up.

I had already tried with reset but that’s not the problem; in the MCP3428.h file you call “#include <math.h>” that I don’t have in the library, where can I find it?

you might try a different arduino.
I just tired on ESP32 and it works.
This is a very old lib and there are no known issue with it

probably won’t work with arduino due, what hardware should i use to make sure it works?

i tested with arduino nano, micro and uno today and it works wit hall 3.
I will recommend posting on arduino forum as well. they have more exp with Arduino module then i do