PR33-13 0-10v ADC output

Hi - I’m trying to use the 4 channel 0-10V ADC (PR33-13) to output 10v on one (or all four) of the channels.
I would like the output to supply 10v, I will connect to a ‘0-10v’ Dimmer/Switch (commonly used in commercial lighting), it needs 10v supplied to it. The ‘0-10v’ dimmer/switch will vary the voltage back to the PR33-13 with its dimmer feature so I would like to read the resistance (volage variance) on the channel. Is this possible?

PR33-13 reads 0-10V DC does NOT output 0-10VDC.

I see, do you make a board that will output 10v ?

There are some 0-10VDC Digital to Analog converters(DACs) here: