PR15-3 Only Showing Channel 70

I have a PR15-3 only showing up as channel 70 on I2C


What platform are you using and how are you determining the addresses available on the I2C bus?

Is that address in hex or decimal?

The address of that device should be 0x20 (hex).

It is on i2cdetect -y 1 on the Balena Fin. It is showing as 0x70 through that essentially.

can you share a picture of the setup?

It happens on both of our solid state relays fresh out of the box.

We have a Balena Fin board connected to an NCD Proportional Valve Controller connected to an NCD ADC, connected to the Solid State Relay, then connected to an Ambient Air Temperature sensor from NCD. All other components work fine.

I was reading more in depth and find it odd that there are also no polarity protections on them like almost all your other products. Why is that?

are you using any I2C mux ?
The Valve controller and the relay board both use MCP chips and the default address is 0x20. did you change the address jumper on the relay board ?

We have the 16 channel PCA9685 valve controller. Nothing shows up on channel 0x20

No mux. Direct connection from the Balena Fin board to the PCA9685 board via I2C

can you share a picture of the setup?