Please solve the battery problem problem

I am using the PR55-61E vibration sensor model. I inquired about the battery consumption. I tried factory reset and pressed the RST button dozens of times. The battery lasts for a day and it says there is no battery. I am currently testing two sensors, and each one differs by about 0.06 per day. One unit disappears at a rate of 0.3 per day. Is there any other solution?

whats the firmware version?
do you have USB or ethernet modem ?

The firmware version is 11.
스크린샷 2023-11-13 090623
I am using a USB gateway and an Ethernet modem.

can you remove the radio module from the sensor and plug into the modem and use xctu to read its setting ?

If you connect the USB from the modem to the PC, you can load the radio module in xctu.