Please Input Password of Administrator

Purchased a PL_ETH_2030, R220PL and a NCD5500 Ethernet to Serial Communications Module - New Gen 3, followed the Nest Step downlaod for Base Station Software and obtained the IP but when I try to use a browser to login the Ethernet Relay I get a popup asking for “Please Input Password of Administrator” have just hit enter but it does not work tried other passwords but still unable to access the new Ethernet Relay Board, need help getting access so I can configure the board.

Hi Allan,

The default password is “admin” without the quotes.

hey Jacob ,

When i entered “admin” , it just navigated to blank screen. ipaddress/Relays.html or other pages were not getting loaded .

thank you

do you have the 1.3 version firmware.

if yes, follow these steps to upload the webui