PL_ETH Input Voltage

What is the input converter for the Ethernet Relay boards? I am powering a bunch of devices with a 7S li-ion battery and would really like to avoid having to step down to +12VDC for this board. Please provide the model of the onboard converter so i can check its compatibility.
BTW, why isn’t this listed on the product page, and why isn’t there a datasheet for the board itself? Thanks!

The relays we are using have a coil voltage of 12VDC, so you will need to provide a voltage that is very close to 12VDC for proper operation. 10-14V would work, but 12VDC is the ideal voltage. The ADC inputs are 0-5VDC, a lot of the information you are looking for can be found in the “Drawings” tab of the product page, this is where we show the physical connections and basic ratings. A specifications tab is on the way that will help summarize this information in a table. Please let us know if you have more questions.

Ah bummer. OK well I will have to adjust my design. I would suggest supporting a common voltage range of 12 - 24V and doing something onboard to support the 12V of the relays.
I looked for this tab. The images under drawings show silk screen and some usage but they don’t show the supported range, current requirements, etc. A single sheet datasheet with this kinda info would be very helpful for engineers looking to use your product.
I received one the other day, I’m going to have to dig into the power supply’s data sheet to get this info instead. Thanks.

We are able to manufacture a 24V variant in many circumstances as a special order, but we do not have as much demand for this version so we do not typically stock the relays. Unfortunately, putting electronics on the board to handle both 12V to 24V range is not really practical due to size and cost of the additional power electronics.