PIR Motion Sensor sensitivity?

We recently bought two of these and are using them with a Enterprise IIoT Gateway. I can add them no problem and they do detect some motion, but they seem not sensitive at all. I have one about 8 feet from me and it occasionally sees motion but not very often. I wave my my arms to make more motion, still not triggering as often as I would expect. I see delay and motion sensitivity settings in Node-RED but can’t find much information on how or if to properly set these.

Also I’m new to this product, but very interested in expanding what we have if we can understand it well enough.

whats the motion threshold value ?
once the values are set you will see a config results in the message. make sure values are true.

Whatever the default is. I don’t have active checked.

if you want to increase the sensitivity set this value to a low value. default is 10.

Do you know what the range is?

this sensor is based on this part

the range is 5m

I meant what is the range in sensitivity settings for motion sensitivity.

Great link, thank you1

sensitivity works like this –
every time sensors detects it sends a pulse, if sensitivity set to 1 then it will end msg as soon as it detects ( even if a fly was passing by) as the sensitivity values is increased it will wait for that many detects before it sends a message
so when you wave in front of the sensor rather than sending 5 msg it will send one.