Photon RFID example or library

I have the particle electron/photon EM18 rfid reader and want to connect it to my photon and read a tag. It’s my understanding that this should output a 9600baud string when I read a tag - is this correct? Do I need to hold as select pin high or low to do this? Does the EM18 output weigand or RS232 by default?

Is there any sample code or a wiring diagram that shows what each of the pins on the ribbon cable does and how they’re connected to/from the photon/EM18?


Hi Joe,

I apologize, I know I had code for those RFID readers but I can’t seem to locate it anywhere.

You are correct that the reader outputs data at 9600 baud. You just need to monitor Serial1 at 9600 baud and it will output data when a tag is scanned. It’s a pretty simple device. You just get an ID when a tag is scanned.