pH ORP Sensor Calibration

I am using Alpha Station with a USB Modem to calibrate the sensor. The pH and ORP values seem to have both calibrated correctly, but the temperature remains off by 8 degrees C not matter the value or options selected for Temperature Compensation. The settings are stock with the warmup being 30 seconds and the delay remaining at 120 seconds. Any ideas on how get the temperature correct?

Yes, there are calib command for temp as well.

keep in mind the temp is installed inside the probe so if you put in any liquid it will take some time to come up to the real environment temp.

The sensor has been on for days at a stable temperature. The temperature should be 21 C but it is reading 13.6 to 13.8 C. I am trying to use Alpha station to adjust it but literally nothing I do makes any difference on the temperature. What am I missing?

can you share a screen shot of sensor readings?

it bit strange that both are reading somewhat close temp, i am assuming both are in same liquid.
what the temp if you put both in air ?
there was a command to offset the temp, we are looking in that.

are you using node red for logging the data?

Both probes are in my lab that is kept 20C and are continually reading in the range mentioned above. I have not been logging the data due to the temperature not reading correctly, but plan to use node-red when the data is accurate.

we sent couple of external temp probe just to make sure if the internal temp sensor is acting up. did you get chance to test it