Ph & conductivity meters need to be submersed

Do the ph NCD# PRS2-33E & conductivity NCD# PR55-47_ECsensors need to be submerged continuously? I recall other brands requiring constant submersion to not burn out the sensor? Also what are the temperature limits of these sensors?

Yes, they can be in liquid all the time.
the pH probe needs to be replaced every 1 year.
EC probe every 3-5 year ( depending on use case).

temp ratings are above freezing to 80c

I wanted to know if submerged probes is a requirement to extend probe life. My application is paper mill sewer in a dozen areas. ph & conductivity probes may stay dry at times or be completely submersed without a probe in a cup design with liquid being displaced with more sewer water. Also what size are the end threads on the proble & must the wiring side stay dry? Do you have a probe drawing?

the ph probe comes with 3/4 NPT thread.
Probe can not be left dry for longer period. while its not in sure it should be in slightly acidic liquid.

EC probe can be left dry. but it should be cleaned periodically to remove any dirt or other foreign compounds.

I will look into getting probe drawing.