Particle Libraries

I am trying to use NCD products with the Particle Photon. I want to use the I2C interface. I am having trouble finding the correct libraries. For example, to use the 2 channel 4-20mA receiver module, I ended up using an Adafruit library. Is there any good documentation on finding the correct library to use with NCD I2C and Particle?

I’m assuming you’re using the ADS1115 4-20mA sensor. If so you can find a library for it at

If that’s not the right product let me know and I’ll try and find something that will work.

I am using the MCP23017, the PR33-8, PR33-15, and the PR33-20.

Ah. Usually the code samples and libraries are found under the resources on the product, but it looks like we’re missing some on our site. Caught us napping


Thanks very much. That should help immensely. Working with Particle libraries isn’t the easiest thing to do.

The IDE they’ve got takes a little getting used to, but the reliability of the module and cloud are outstanding.