Particle build and a new photon module

I purchased a 1-Channel 1-Amp SPDT Signal Relay Board + 7 GPIO with IoT Interface quite some time ago and it was working perfectly when connected to particle and ifttt. I have 3 inputs coming off my home fire alarm relays to The NCD board. After sometime it stopped sending events to the cloud. I purchased a new photon module and am wondering what do i have to flash it with? I tried flashing it with the NCD1RELAY inside the particle build library and nothing helped… any ideas?


It almost sounds possible that the MCP23008 chip on the board is not functioning correctly. It is an 8 GPIO multiplexer which gives you the 1 relay and 7 inputs. Would you be willing to send the board in for evaluation/repair? If so you can send it here for repair using our RMA form here:

Thank you! i will send it in!