Operation manual older boards

I teach electronics in Florida. I recently came across these kits which i bought years ago. I remember they were Remote control sets but i have lost all paperwork including manuals and instructions.
Can someone ID these older products ( circa 2009)and suggest where i can obtain any documentation/ manuals, please.
I am sure i can work thru it but i dont want to blow what i remember to have been cos
tly boards. They were unused in packaging until removed for photos. I have two sets of the matched pairs.
Thank you in advance.


The pair of blue boards are MirX(SKU: MirXR110_KIT). User manual for those available here:

The Red Board is a KLRR45. It is no longer sold. User guide available here:

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thank you so much. This will help greatly. Can you tell me which one the remote works with ( if not mentioned in the PDFs.


Hi Martin,

The Key Fob remote works with the Red board.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Very thankful for your help. You saved me many hours trying to figure them out.
Compliments to the community and congrats on a superb service.

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