One Channel Vibration Plus Sensor - NodeRed

Type 80 Flow.txt (1.5 KB)
Hi, I am currently running on this flow on a type 80 sensor.

But the X-axis only shows these values all the time.

How do I fix this?

Please can you elaborate on the issue?

it only shows 00:00:00 on X-axis

is the sensor mounted on a machine?
change the scale. the vales might be really small.

It is already mounted, how do I change the scales?

Can you try stopping and starting your node-red? If you’re on a gateway the easiest way is to power cycle the unit, but you can use the command:
service nodered restart
from the command line

Where do I put the command?

Type 80 Flow.txt (21.4 KB)
Sorry, I uploaded the wrong attachement. This is the actual flow I was running, and the X-axis of the displayed data only shows 00:00:00.

Hi, I fixed the problem for the displayed data on X-axis by factory resetting my sensor; hit reset and hold config for 20secs, after 5 seconds hit reset. The problem now is after I hard resetting, my sensor seems to not sending any data afterwards.

Delay value should be set to zero and use interval setting to change the transmission interval.

Hi, I factory reset my sensor and my flows finally work and can show the data that I want, the displayed data graph show exact time on my X-axis based on my laptop clock. When I restart everything and brought all my sensors and laptop to the lab for testing, my X-axis on displayed data still showing 00:00:00 and I only have few dots on 1 vertical lines. Please help, I needed this to work

It still showing like this, how do I resolve this?

Change this to 1.
You can do this for all the axis ACC, velocity and displacements

Data on the axis will only show up when the sensor sends the data.
also, by default sensor sends data every 15 min
There are hundreds of videos on how to use node-red. Please check them out as well.

and use this flow

@a11ister it looks kind of like in your node-red dashboard that you only have that single data point.

From your screenshots I can see it on the three charts, on the far left, there is no other data point for it to connect the data point to perhaps?

Could you try graphing something like temperature? Also keep in mind that you have to keep Node-Red running long enough for it to collect 3-4 data points to start to form a picture.

The default interval for this sensor is every 10 minutes. Note Bhaskars reply above, that you should not use Delay for this sensor, instead it uses Interval. The lowest you can set the interval is 1 minute.

I will mention it again as it is vitally important. Interval != Delay for this sensor. They are seperate values that do seperate things. Please make sure you see the difference. Read the docs if you do not:

  1. Set interval to 1 minute and re-configure the sensor
  2. Try graphing temperature, over like 10 minutes
  3. Once you’ve captured a data packet, as you were showing in the screenshot, you can copy and paste that into an Inject node so that you don’t have to wait for the sensor to transmit again.

Step 3 is very useful when developing, as you can then test your flows without needing the sensor to transmit, just make sure your Inject node is exactly the same as what the sensor sends.

By playing around with the inject node you should be able to get it to graph.

You might also need to check into your deadband setting on the sensor, or even the filtering to make sure it is going to pickup vibration on whatever you have it mounted to. If this is just mounted on your desk, you are likely going to need to configure deadband to 0 to get it to read just ambient low level vibration.