Not Getting Pressure or Temp Data to Show On Dashboard, However Battery Percentage Works

I made a Dashboard in Node Red, and it shows Pressure, Temp and Battery Percentage. However, only battery percentage is showing:

I looked through the debug, and I’m guessing it has something to do with the temp and pressure being in a subsection of payload, “sensor_data: object”, rather than directly in it as battery percentage is:

Here is my flow

can you export the flow and share it here

flows.json (5.2 KB)

Try this flow.
flows-19.json (4.2 KB)

Thank you, that works great. However, I am planning to purchase 3 more of these sensors, how would i separate them into each of their own sections so that i could have each of the sensors showing their data. Also, how would I change the rate at which it sends out data to say, 5 minutes?