Non Synced Key Fob causing id issues


I am currently having an issue with the photon system where if a non synced key fob button is hit the device will give a 0 (unidentified ID) on the next button press from a synced key fob. Once you hit the synced key fobs button again you will get the correct ID of 1. Is there a way to keep this from happening so the button presses are not missed? We are using 4 remotes that are synced to one base station so we are using the ID’s to tell a c++ software what to do off the id and then button.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Honestly I am not sure what would be causing that. It sounds like buffering in the Key Fob module itself since the EvalFob function reads data out of the Serial port on each cycle. I would say the only alternative would be to read the fob ID in eval fob and if it equals 0 then read again.

Hello Travis,

I have tried the suggestion and now it is picking up the connections only as id 1 and then the button press. It will intermittently give the correct id.


Just for clarity the 1 represents the id of the remote and then the 2 or 4 is the button that was pushed. You can see that it sometimes switches to the 22 but will revert back to the 12 even when pressing the remote 2.

It might be a good idea to discuss this with Linx Technologies, as they are the manufacturer of the Lical chipset that is used to provide ID data. We have not released any commercial products that support Key Fob ID features, so our experience in this area is very limited.