Node-Red Wireless Gateway: Failed to connect

We are facing issues to connect wireless gateway. In the system, We are using the node 10.24.1 version.

We are also trying to upgrade node version 16.0.0 version but then ncd-wireless gateway or ncd-wireless gateway2 are not visible to install.

Kindly advice.

Please review the attached images.

You will need to install ncd-wireless-2 manually by navigating to the .node-red directory, then use this npm command to install ncd-red-wireless:

npm install ncd-red-wireless-2

Hi, After install the node-red-wireless2, we have run node-red command and browse
Still we are not able to found “node-red-wireless2” node.

Can you please confirm the port configuration as showing in the screnshot?

A- Serial Device : /dev/ttyUSB0
B- Lockfile Location : /var/lock
C- Callin Program :
D- Callout Program :
E- Bps/Par/Bits : 115200 8N1
F- Hardware Flow Control : Yes
G- Software Flow Control : No

Is Node-Red throwing an error in the console when you attempt to start it? In the first post the last screen shot appeared to throw the error port already in use.

When the USB modem is connected to your computer does the USB LED turn on solid? Also do you see a new port listed in /dev/tty*? If not it’s possible you’ll need to install a driver. Please let me know which Modem you are connecting to the computer I want to make sure it’s a USB modem and not a Mega Modem, you can just provide a photo of the modem connected to the computer with the lid removed.

Dear Travis,
As a quick response for your questions:

  • The USB modem is connected to a computer with Ubuntu OS
  • USB LED status: the devices are setup in a remote location (another country). I will get this later
  • Is the port listed: Yes. see screenshots.
  • Instal Driver: Can you share the driver for ubuntu?
  • Modem details: I can get them from the Order under our account: Industrial IoT Wireless to USB Modem. If you still need the photo of the modem, I can send our technician to take a photo for the modem with the lid removed.

If the Modem is mounting to the system’s /dev directory then there is no need to install the driver.

This is most likely a permissions error on the /dev/ttyUSB0 serial port. More than likely on your system the permission group for the port is Dialout. You may need to add node-red to the dialout group. You can take a look at a GitHub issue here in reference to that: