Node-Red showing NaN as output


I have the predictive maintenance sensor and am getting a Nan output for the thermocouple in Node-Red, but the rest of the read outs are working properly. I then checked to see if the thermocouple value was returning a number in Alpha station, which it was so the thermocouple is obviously working correctly. Any ideas on getting it working in Node-Red? Thanks!


I had a similar issue and realized I was referencing the value incorrectly. NaN (Not a Number) means you aren’t getting a number back. In the Node-Red Seonsor_Data area, click the “>_” icon next to the value you are looking for. It copies the path to the value. Paste that in notepad and you’ll see how the data is referenced. It could be:

In my case, I used a change node to get rid of the mac address in the payload to simplify getting the data (and I could use the same flow on a different sensor).


Unfortunately, using the change node to simplify the msg.payload does not help, I am still getting a NaN output.
Anymore more suggestions on how to fix this issue?

Can you run an npm update on the ncd-red-wireless package? You should be on version 1.5.10 and let me know what package is currently installed?

1.5.9 had an bug on the temperature values of sensor type 50.

You were correct! I was on version 1.5.9, updating to version 1.5.10 fixed the issue.

Welcome, I just took over those packages a couple weeks ago so let me know if you have any other issues or suggestions.