Node Red on Robustel Gateway

I was using Node Red on one of the Robustel Gateways successfully. I tried to load a vibration related flow that was shared on Git, now I’m unable to load Node Red on my gateway. Once the flow was loaded, I received an error that the gateway had been disconnected from the Node Red instance. Is there any way to troubleshoot that the app is running correctly through the router web manager?


Usually this indicates the the fft-js library was not installed correctly. If it doesn’t get installed correctly it won’t be able to load node-red as it tries to pull in a library that is not present.

Usually it is caused by the gateway not having internet access when trying to install the library.

The easiest resolution is to manually install the library. You will want to make sure the gateway has internet access, connect directly to it over the WiFi APN (SSH is not allowed by default over ETH0), ssh into the gateway using the terminal on a mac/linux or PowerShell on a windows machine, and run these two commands:
cd ~/.node-red
npm install fft-js

SSH default credentials are:
username - ncdio
password - ncdB3ast

The ssh command should look something like this:
ssh ncdio@
ssh ncdio@ncd-[last_four_of_mac].local

Where [last_four_of_mac] should be replaced by the last four characters of the mac address printed on the side of the Enterprise Gateway.

Let me know if you see any errors when trying to install the fft-js library or if you have any questions.