Node Red on Enterprise IIoT Gateway Lite

Hi, I have an Enterprise IIoT Gateway Lite. I want to enable Node Red and connect my NCD sensors to a database using this Gateway, but I haven’t been able to find any documentation or tutorials of how to enable and setup the Node Red on this Gateway. In documentation it says: “Node-Red & Docker Commands – Coming soon”.

I have found this two tutorials but this is only for Node Red, I still don’t know how to get this Node Red on the Gateway:

Can anyone share any tutorials or instructions of how to do it?


The user guide for the Enterprise gateway can be found here:

Node-Red is already installed so all you really need to do is open the Node-Red web interface as explained in the guide.

There are many tutorials for using our sensors with Node-Red here:

Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Hi, thanks for your response. I looked at this Quick Start Guide but there is no documentation about Node Red. I followed the guide to connect to the Gateway from browser, but I can’t connect to the Gateway using SSH, despite SSH being enabled in Gateway settings. Even if I ping the IP the Gateway has I get no response. Do you have any tips?

Hi @marko In the user guide that Travis shared with you, you’ll find sections titled “Access Node-RED” and “Access the Web Configuration Interface.” These sections explain how to access both Node-RED and the web configuration interface.

Make sure you’re connected to the same local network as the Enterprise IIoT Gateway. By default, Node-RED runs automatically within the Enterprise IIoT Gateway Lite, so you can access it directly from your web browser.

If you have the option, you can verify that a connection has been established between the Enterprise IIoT Gateway Lite and your local network.

I’m also sharing a guide for SSH configuration on the Enterprise IIoT Gateway Lite.

Please take a look let us know if you have any question.
Eduardo M.