Node-Red Dashboard (X-axis doesn't show any values)

Hi, these are my flows for my sensor type 80 (PR55-61E)

I am getting data for every 1 minutes, but how I couldn’t activate the RTC.

So my X-axis on the dashboard looking like this, I would like to have time on my X-axis here based on my PC (Real-Time Clock)

How do I resolve this?

To my knowledge this should be automatically set by Node-Red-Dashboard in the graph widget. You might check settings in the graph widget node and possibly ask a question on the node-red community forum(be sure to tag with node-red-dashboard).

here is how you can set time

(1) I followed the same setting but it still showing 00:00:00 on the X-axis.

(2) May I know what are the steps to reconfigure everything starting from node-red configuration to the hardware configuration?

I have seen this once. I believe it was caused either a memory issue which required a reboot after a lot of deployments, or you may need to downgrade your dashboard library version.

Can you see if the issue persists after a reboot of the edge computer?

Can you send a screenshot of your Palette Manager. It can be found in the three horizontal line menu in top right > Palette Manager.

How do I resolve my issue?

I can’t reproduce this on my edge computer.

Can you try logging in to the terminal using:
username: root
password: ncdio

once there enter these commands:
opkg update
opkg upgrade onion-node-red
cd .node-red
npm rebuild

This will update node-red and recompile anything that may have been for the older node-red.

You will also need to power cycle the edge computer after doing this.

How do I update my node-red library when I couldn’t connect to the internet connection whenever I’m connected to the Edge Computer, I have to switch to my own Wi-Fi connection whenever I needed to use the internet.

You can connect the edge computer to your network through Ethernet or WiFi.

You can find the WiFi instructions under section 3A. SSID and Password of this document: