Node-Red Dashboard doesn't show live data

I have an IoT Edge computer connected to a 1 Channel Vibration Channel Sensor Plus (PR5-61E) and I have followed every single websites available but still unable to show a live data in the dashboard.

Can you connect a debug node to the output of the vibration device Node and show the data being reported when the sensor transmits?

Also provide the JSON file for your Node-Red flow.

What do you mean by live data?
As you can see there are red triangles right about your sensor nodes, which indicate there is some issue with node red.

JSON file.txt (11.1 KB)

It does give readings in the debug messages but the dashboard doesn’t show a graph that looks like the last picture below.

The flow you are using was not developed for the type 80 sensor you are using. The Switch node in the Vibration flow is looking for values that start with rms_, max_, and min_. Take a look at the sensor_data object you are getting in the debug data. There you will see the keys for the values from the sensor. You will see that those keys are in formats *_rms_ACC_G, *_max_ACC_G, etc. The flow needs to be adapted for the type 80 sensor you are using. It was developed for type 8 sensors. This is why it doesn’t work.

Can you help me change the flow? and send me the JSON file?


The Type 80 sensor is a different type of vibration sensor. It outputs FFT data, the older sensor that flow was designed for output RMS, Min, Max data. This is the data the Type 80 sensor outputs:

mode: 0
odr: "800Hz"
temperature: 22.99
x_rms_ACC_G: 0
x_max_ACC_G: 0
x_velocity_mm_sec: 0
x_displacement_mm: 0
x_peak_one_Hz: 0
x_peak_two_Hz: 0
x_peak_three_Hz: 0
y_rms_ACC_G: 0
y_max_ACC_G: 0
y_velocity_mm_sec: 0
y_displacement_mm: 0
y_peak_one_Hz: 0
y_peak_two_Hz: 0
y_peak_three_Hz: 0
z_rms_ACC_G: 0
z_max_ACC_G: 0
z_velocity_mm_sec: 0
z_displacement_mm: 0
z_peak_one_Hz: 0
z_peak_two_Hz: 0
z_peak_three_Hz: 0

I would need to know a lot more information about what data you want displayed and how you want it displayed in order to make the dashboard for you.

Can I get a JSON file that display all the data in the dashboard, for example in the picture above? The picture above is a flow that I found from Anil Bhaskar’s YouTube.

Sure, it’s available here:

All example Node-Red flows we have developed are available here:

all my flows are here

I have followed this JSON file. And it works, but I am getting data every 1 minute. How do I set it faster?

that’s the fastest it can send. I cant think of any vibration application where you need to monitor data at this rate.