Node-RED connection failing when sending to two endpoints

I’d like to send messages from one Enterprise IIoT Gateway to two separate backends. Testing each path separately works just fine. However, when sending to both simultaneously, one connection succeeds, one connection fails. See picture. Is it possible to send to two separate backends like this? What am I doing wrong?

There shouldn’t be an issue.

Is it always the same node that connects? Does the other node consistently connect if the node that says Sent message in your screen cap is deleted?

It could be a bug in the Azure IoT Hub library though. Are there any error messages in the debug section of node-red?

You can also check the error log of node-red by SSHing into the gateway directly.

SSH Instructions:
Connect directly to the WiFi of the Enterprise Gateway or connect PC directly to ETH1
Open terminal on mac/linux or PowerShell on Windows
ssh ncdio@
password ncdB3ast
pm2 logs node-red --lines 300

The logs were super helpful, and I also added a second device with unique ‘deviceID’ in Azure, thereby allowing a unique ‘deviceID’ in each of the two Azure nodes, per your earlier suggestion, which resolved the issue.

Thank you!!