Node-red and Voltage Monitor (via Raspberry Pi)

I am very new to Node-red as well as the Raspberry Pi and am sorry if this has already been addressed in this forum…
I currently have the ’ Dual 120VAC Mains Voltage Monitor (SKU: PR32-30)’ connected to the Raspberry Pi via I2C. I have installed Node-Red on the Raspberry Pi. I believe I’m at the point where I need to install the library for the Voltage Monitor into Node-Red but I don’t know what library to install.

Ultimately what I want to have is way to monitor/log when my home generator does it’s weekly test cycle. I had an issue early '20 where the test cycles were running but the coil was bad and even though the tests were running there was actually no electricity being produced. If there is an easier way for me to get to my final goal without having to have a PC connected via USB I’m all ears.

Any help or pointing me towards another thread that discusses this would be greatly appreciated.