No Output on PR46-15

Hello i have a problem with the PR46-15 Module.

Using both an Arduino Nano and a Raspberry Pi Pico i can detect the Module at 0x60 but can’t get it to output a voltage.
On Capacitor CE1 i measured around 10V so i know that the module is capable of producing the Output.

Using the same Code for my PR33-26 gives me the desired Output. Therefore i believe that the Module has a problem.

If anyone can help me figuring out if my assumption is right or not. I would greatly appreciate it.

I took a Photo of the Module for reverence.

My test code from the Raspberry Pi Pico for reverence:
import machine


Initialisierung I2C

i2c = machine.I2C(1, sda=machine.Pin(14), scl=machine.Pin(15), freq=400000)

def scan():
# I2C-Bus-Scan
print(‘Scan I2C Bus…’)
devices = i2c.scan()

# Scanergebnis ausgeben
if len(devices) == 0:
    print('Kein I2C-Gerät gefunden!')
    print('I2C-Geräte gefunden:', len(devices))
    for device in devices:
        print("Decimal address: ",device, '| Hexadezimale Adresse:', hex(device))

def current_control(ADDR, DAC_Value):
data1 = DAC_Value >> 4 # MSB are used
data2 = DAC_Value & 15 # LSB are used
data2 = data2 << 4 # LSB in Byte
data = bytes([data1, data2])
i2c.writeto_mem(ADDR, 0x41, data)
print("Writing Value to DAC %d " %DAC_Value)
except: print(‘Cant reach I2C Device’)

If you do an I2C bus Scan does the module appear?

Can you provide a photo of your full hardware setup when attempting to use the module?

Thank you,

Yes the Modul appears with both 0x60 and/or 0x61 Adress depending on the Jumper.

I used different Setups for Arduino Nano and Raspberry.
But as i said both don’t give any output.

The different Module for 4-20 mA Output that uses the MPR4725 as the DAC works fine in all setups.

The most simple Setup i used is this one:

The PR33-26 module works flawlessly with this setup.

I also tried to drive the Module using an external Power Supply and an I2C Level-shifter from Adafruit.
I also tried using 5V logic directly with the Arduino Nano.
There is no change on the PR46-15 Module Output in any case

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