No data sent from 3-channel thermocouple sensor

I have four 3-channel IoT wireless thermocouple sensors and cannot seem to get them to read data. I have a wireless to USB Modem which I believe is set up correctly and working. The sensors are not outputting data through, as no data shows up when I run the NCD Labview application. When I click on “Configure Sensor” I clicked “read all” to get sensor information, and had a runtime error that there is “no response received from sensor.” Has anyone had to troubleshoot this? I have verified that the sensors are powered on.

can you share a picture of the modem radio module and the sensor radio module

Did you turn on the sensor power?

The sensors do not have LEDs indicating power is on, but I check with a volt meter that we are getting power across the batteries (around 3 V). These are the units I have:

And the modem:

can you share a picture of the sensor board ?

Hi Anil, yes here are the photos. Thank you.

can you share a picture of the USB modem

also the power switch is in off position right now

Ah that was the issue! I thought the “on/off” switch was on but it was not. Turning it to “on” fixed these issues. Thanks!