No data from Predictive Maintenance Sensor Plus

I have Node-RED connected to my Ethernet Modem, but I am not seeing anything from the sensor.

Fresh batteries are installed and the power switch is in the correct position. When I press the reset button the red light flickers, CFG also illuminates the light. I have tried the factory reset procedure countless times without success. (Should there be any feedback?) What other options do I have besides wiring up a cable to flash the board?

Can you please provide photos of the Ethernet modem and the sensor both with the lids removed? Also provide a screen shot of your node-red flow.

Thank you,

is the sensor power on?
what happens when you press the cfg button ?


Yes, the power is on and the sensor is about 20 ft away from the modem.

When I press the CFG button the red LED intensely illuminates.

was someone else using this sensor before you ?
is there a chance setting in the sensor and modem are not matching ?

If you have some time available we can schedule a call and take a look.


A colleague was testing it first, but only set a static IP on the modem. He didn’t change anything on the sensor.

@Bhaskar We can have a call until 10:30am CDT or between 1:30-3pm. I await your invitation.

i sent you a meeting invite.

Good part of the day dear Dear NCD Team!. WE have the same problem with the sensor data as it happened with @deutschesedge . Could you help us? We really need your help.

I ended up having to build a serial cable and reprogram the sensor. @Bhaskar might be able to guide you through the process.

can you give me your telegram or whatsapp

is the sensor powered on ?
can you share behavior of the status led ?