No data from Industrial IoT Wireless AC Current Monitor

We are using a 3 Channel Industrial IoT Wireless AC Current Monitor Sensor (PR55-26C) that is connected to a Industrial IoT Wireless to Ethernet Modem (PR55-17B) that is 60 feet away.

It shows the battery percentage bar and voltage. The transmission cycle counter increments.

We are getting no data from the current channels.

Hi @eddknapp
To better assist you, I can ask you some questions to get a clearer picture of your setup and configuration:

  • What is the AC Current range you are trying to measure?

  • What is the range of the CT clamp you purchased?

  • Would you be able to share a screenshot of your screen?
    This will help us see how the data is being arrived.

  • Would it be possible to share a picture of your sensor connections (set-up)?
    This will help us check for any potential installation issues.

Thank you,
Eduardo M.

Hi @Eduardo_Mtz

The current range we are trying to measure is 20 - 100A

I am not sure what was ordered. Pic #2 is a pic of the CT clamp.

Pic #3 is a screenshot
Pic #1 is of the 3 Channel Industrial IoT Wireless AC Current Monitor Sensor (PR55-26C) connections

Hi @eddknapp thank you for the pictures. It looks like the connections and AC current range are correct.

I see that the sensor’s battery voltage is low. This could be the cause of the issue. Could you try replacing the batteries with new ones and then reconnecting the sensor? To save battery consumption, we recommend increasing the transmission interval.

Additionally, during replacing the batteries, you could also check the sensor’s internal connections (inside the box). Would you be able to share a picture of the inside to rule out any potential internal connection problems?

Eduardo M.

@Eduardo_Mtz ,

Thank you for the replies.

I changed the batteries and still have 2.73 volts.
What should the voltage be?

Edit: Attached pictures

Did you confirm that the current is flowing through the cables and above 1.5Amp?

Yes. Verified current is flowing using a clamp on ammeter. Its around 45 amps.

can you perform factory reset
press and release reset
press and hold cfg for 20 sec
release cfg
wait for 3 sec
press and release reset

Did the factory reset. It is now showing a value but it is lower than expected.
Ammeter reading 49.03 Amps.
Reading from sensor 5.74 Amps.

We have been here before with our troubleshooting process.
The unit will work but then all of a sudden it starts sending a zero value for the current.

Couple of additional questions.

What should the battery voltage be? (Currently at 3.25 volts)
Can we use an external power supply for this?
Is there a way to reset / enter configure mode remotely? (without having to use the reset and config mode buttons inside the unit)

It needs recalibration, which can be done using Node-RED.

If this sensor starts randomly sending 0 Amp readings, I recommend sending it back for further testing.

Our Gen2 devices support over-the-air configuration, but the one you have is a Gen1, which only supports manual configuration.