NIST Traceability/Certification of Remote Sensors

Hello all. We’re working on getting an environment monitoring solution in place for our manufacturing space, and it looks like NCD sensors may meet our capability requirements. The two we’re currently evaluating are:

However, one of our requirements is that sensors must be NIST certified in order to collect data for our manufacturing space and materials storage.

Is it possible to get the sensors shipped to us with NIST Certificates, or have you had customers certify your sensors via a third party? We’re contacting our partners who perform our calibration for us to see what they can do, but if we can get the sensors delivered pre-calibrated and certified, that would be ideal. I’m just trying to understand our options for using NCD sensors in our solution.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,

we do not have NIST calibration, i will recommend reaching out to your partner.

On the side note – we could built these sensor with this chip

This temp sensor is NIST calibrated. it will depend on how many units you need.

Thanks for the information. We’ll wait to hear back from our partner regarding the current sensors, but we can keep this in our back pocket as an option.

Is it safe to assume we can request any device as a custom build with a NIST compliant sensor, or is there a subset of sensors that can be provided for, or is it case-by-case?

This is a stretch, but when you say “it will depend on how many you need”, is there a cap on the number of devices we can request, or what would be the constraint?