Nexgen Wifi not working, resetting constantly

I am having so many issues with the Nexgen WiFi module, it’s difficult to know where to start.

I’m using it with a newly purchased board, PR60-3, Rev. G2B.

I’ve been able to access the Soft AP configuration page only once. Now, when I try to enter that mode by pressing the C button to get the blue blinking light, any attempted connection to the nexGen_Wifi network causes the module to reset.

I want to use the web interface to control the relays. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to access it. The module is shown as connected to my network with IP But when I try to access that with a browser, the connection times out and I see the module reset on the board.

The module does not respond to GET commands, or anything really. I’m not sure what Base Station is supposed to do because it doesn’t affect any of the settings. I can’t find any documentation on what to do here. Please help.


Have you attempted a factory reset? Put the module into configuration mode, then press and hold the C button until the LED flashes random colors.

Thank you for the information. I did a factory reset and put it back into configuration mode; the light is blinking blue, and I’m able to connect to the Soft AP now. But no configuration window pops up and navigating to brings up a blank page. Not sure what to do.

Edit: I reset it again and tried again and now it is working. Thanks. Maybe the factory reset instructions should be included in the manual.