Newbie Relay Board Help?

I just got this older relay board from a friend of mine. I was hoping to find a manual or datasheet for it but I’m having trouble finding anything online. I’m not entirely sure of what the model number is. I am new to this type of technology. I was also trying to learn how to control it wirelessly. It is connected to a router via ethernet cable. It used to be controlled with software on an ipad that I no longer have access to. Any help is appreciated!!

That is a fairly old model, SKU NWUXPR1610PROXR.

Here is a guide on the Ethernet Module:

Here is a guide on the ProXR series and its command:

Word of warning on the series and command guide. That relay boards you have won’t support API wrapping as outlined in the newer ProXR guides. The command will be the same, but your board won’t understand the [170, length, [payload], checksum] api packet. It will just take the [payload].

Just stick to the series and command guide I linked to and you should be fine.

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Thank you so much! This helped a lot!!