Newbie needs help

I am new to this type of design. Looking at the MCP3428. I have read the data sheets etc but can’t understand exactly how I program this or what the connection to my laptop would be?
I have watched some Utube videos which have helped but I still am not sure I can do this.
I am not a programmer or engineer but have a strong electronics background.

Where do I find the basics for how to set these up to do what I need?

I am wanting to look at the output of photo sensors, in an X,Y grid 12 x 12 for now but eventually maybe 20 x 44. Looks like I can use the 4.7k pull up’s built into the board. I want to have these simply output onto a screen, Ipad or computer, the location and pressures on a mat?

Any direction or advice to get me going would be greatly appreciated.



We have a repository with sample code for that product here:

To connect that board to your laptop I would recommend one of our USB to I2C converters like this one:

Honestly at the moment we do not have any GUI sample programs for displaying the readings from the MCP3428 that I am aware of. We are however currently working on Node-Red libraries which would make this possible with no programming. I’m tagging @Trey, he is the developer on that project, so he can comment on this.

Is there another way to display this?
Just trying to get some type of image that shows it working properly.

Also, It looks like each code sample is for a type of programming language.
I may be out of my league here?
Anything you think I can teach myself or can you suggest one that is best for my situation?

It probably would not be terribly in depth(programming wise) to create a GUI using Blynk. Blynk is a mobile app creation platform for devices like ours. You can read more about them at I have a tutorial project for a relay controller plus temperature sensor using Blynk here:
That might be a simpler way for you to go. There would be a little code writing involved but with the sample code we already have on that article combined with the GitHub repo I linked to previously it would not be terribly extensive.

Do you have any c/c++ code development experience at all?

Hi Travis,
I ended up with the 16 ch 12-bit ADC item No. pr2-5. Using USB to 12C converter.
I loaded the basic SW following the user guides and plugged the ADC board into the USB converter.

I get the message USB to 12C basic hardware not detected.

Tried two laptops and multiple USB ports with no luck.
Using windows 7.
My plan is to simply monitor multiple channels of photo sensors that vary in resistance. No need to use pull up resistors I was told but I’m not sure how exactly to get this all running.
Any good beginner level documents or tutorials would help.