Need to connect a PLC to Cloud over Cellular


I need to some sort of gateway device, to receive data from a PLC, and send it to the cloud over a LTE connection.

so, PLC sends data to some Gateway device, which sends data to the cloud via LTE.

I was wondering what kind of Gateway device i need?

Thank you!!

I am very new with this hardware and not an expert… however, from what I have learned so far I think you should be able to use the NCD Industrial IoT Edge Computer LTE Cellular Wi-Fi Ethernet

It has the option of using LTE to transmit the data. I would need to have a better understanding of the interfaces available for you PLC (Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, etc). If it has an ethernet interface available for Modbus TCP/IP, you should be able to hardware between the PLC and the Edge computer. Node-Red should be able to retrieve the data and forward it to the Cloud using an AWS connector or MQTT.

If you need a wireless connection between the PLC and the Edge computer, then you will need an extra piece of hardware depending on the communication interface available on the PLC.

I hope this helps.

Hello thank you for your reply

I believe I may be using Modbus TCP/IP, however I will have to double check.

Can you tell the requirements if I am not using Modbus TCP/IP? will i need to translate the protocol?

Any chance I can reach out to you privately for more questions? can be by email or however else you prefer.

Thank you !

Hello ttcitim, wondering if you saw my reply above…

Thank you!!!