Need a Basic PC Operated Relay

Non-electronic background MechEng here. I need a simple, PC operated single circuit relay for 12v or 24v. This does not have to be WiFi - I need the cheapest, least complicated solution. Can anybody recommend a product for this?

In case it matters, this will be for a door entry system.

I’ll assume you are not switching more than 10 amps. If that is the case then here is a cart with the relay controller I would recommend. It connects to the PC over USB:

Thank you so much for your reply ad for your recommendation - however, I cannot see any product when I click that link. Could I ask you to provide just a little more information?

It should bring up a shopping cart populated with a relay controller. What are you seeing when you click the link? Can you provide a screen shot?

Thank you for your continued attention to my issue.


This is what I see when I click the link in your message above -