NCD5500 Loses Configuration after Power Cycles

We are using the NCD5500 Ethernet interface with the ProXR (4) channel relay boards and are seeing static IPs cleared and reverted to DHCP after power cycles. This is on firmware 2.3 for REV2 hardware as found on the GitHub repo: We were hoping that this issue would be solved, as it is stated so in the changelog, however, it is still occurring. Are there any fixes in the works?


This is the first report we’ve seen of a settings loss on firmware version 2.3 on the NCD5500 modules.

Can you describe how you are power cycling the board?

Can you send a screenshot of the NCD Config tool with the device expanded so I can confirm the hardware and firmware revision?

The boards were configured with static IPs and then powered off for a long duration during shipping (3-4 weeks). When powered up, they would not respond to their static address and were found to be in DHCP mode. I am looking to see if we have screenshots of the config tool.

I don’t know that I’ve personally ever tested turning the modules off for weeks at a time to test if the settings are kept. The rapid power cycling mentioned in the change logs is more for removing and adding power multiple times in a short period of time such as you would see during an inductive voltage spike and reboot cycle.

Would it be possible that the factory reset button on the Ethernet module was held down during installation? The board would need to be powered up for this button to perform the factory reset.

Here is a screenshot of some affected modules:
The reset button was NOT held down during shipping, installation, or active service. We have (2) cases of modules losing their settings, powered off over the course of a few days and over a few weeks timeframe.

I haven’t yet mentioned it, but thanks for the fast responses in the forum!